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Game News
Going places others dare not go, doing good others dare not do. Based (loosely) on "Firefly," <Bad Wolf> is the home to the crew and cargo of smuggler Pan Laska's ship, the Bad Wolf, misfits who seek to bring good and peace back to the galaxy... even if in unorthodox ways.

"I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me."

Guild News

Captain Laska missing!

wingedthing, Feb 12, 12 9:05 AM.
Bisera Laska woke up a little more than a week ago to find that Captain Pan Laska was missing. His coat, hat, and blaster were gone; the only indication that he'd gone of his own free will was in a holo he left for his wife, and it wasn't a very reassuring holo at that. Upon further investigation, Sera realized that Pan's disappearance from the Bad Wolf related to his time serving in the Republic Army and some ghosts that still haunted him...and that he was in considerable danger. 

Not thinking, Bisera began to lead the crew of the Bad Wolf on Pan's trail. A tip from an Imperial friend of Alders' led them to Voss, and from there, they've been led to believe that Pan made a stop on Balmorra, where one of his unit-mates still serves the Republic. It's a race against time now--can Sera and the crew of the Bad Wolf find Pan before it's too late, for him or for them?

The Bad Wolf takes on pirates; Captain Laska shot

wingedthing, Jan 24, 12 11:11 AM.
Captain Laska arranged for a deal with the Republic involving the acquisition and transport of classified and valuable materials from eccentric pirate king Vaahn. On Saturday (01.20), Captain Laska and a strike team (consisting of Bisera Laska, Morver Wel, Mason Alders, and Ipey Eokredri) descended on the pirate king's hideout to retrieve the goods. At Captain Laska's suggestion, the crew earned their cargo by playing Vaahn's games: cooking a meal as silently directed by Morver and attempting to shoot an apple above Captain Laska's head with a slugthrower. The former resulted in a vegetable cream stew being eaten by Vaahn's pet gizka (an obese creature named Bubbles) while the latter resulted in Captain Laska being shot with slugs in both feet. 

In the end, the crew earned their cargo and walked (or were carried) away relatively unscathed. Captain Laska is well on his way to recovery, and the Bad Wolf has gained the company of one obese gizka as a reward for their troubles.

(( thanks to everyone who came to our first RP event! Extra special thanks go to Pan for planning and coordinating the event and to Alvar for taking on the role of Vaahn! Stay tuned, our next event will be in the next couple of weeks! ))

Preparing for launch!

wingedthing, Dec 12, 11 9:52 AM.
Hey everyone!

This Tuesday is the first day of early access! We finally made it!

If you haven't yet, check out all the activity happening on the forums. We've got a great RP thread going on (Truth or Dare, anyone?) that we'd love to get the whole crew hopping with. For those of you who like writing at all (or like giving Sera words and seeing what happens), drabble threads are popping up on the writing forum. And there are plenty of character development things to do: 30 Days of Character Development, which actor plays your character, and Versus Vertigus (to get some idea for why the Sith Empire might send our adversaries, the Faceless Ones, searching for your character).

Your GMs and officers are cooking up some exciting plot ideas for after launch, and an announcement should be coming in the next couple of days about what server we'll be on. So get to posting and enjoy the ride. We'll be in a galaxy far, far away before you know it!

Guild Rules

Pan, Oct 6, 11 2:46 PM.
Now. Every guild has rules. Some of them are simple, others are weird, and many more are specific.

Ours are mostly simple and weird. SO.

Rule #1: Use your noggin and respect your guildmates. Try to keep things civil, and if there's a problem, bring it up with associated parties privately. If it cannot be settled as such, bring it to the attention of the Guildmasters, Pan and Bisera. And try to keep the obvious triggers--racial slurs, religious slander, etc.-- on the low and easy.

Rule #2: We're a role-playing guild, and as such, we'd like to avoid 'griefing' other would-be role-players. Try to keep OOC actions within reason. It's alright to 'let loose' and be silly once in awhile, but don't do it in crowded areas. Respect others as if they're your guildmates.

Rule #3: Post things in the correct sub-forum. If you've got NSFW/NSFA works, then post them in the Adult Things (18+) section. This goes for essentially everything--stories in the story sub-forum, OOC discussion in the OOC sub-forum. It'll reduce clutter, confusion, and the workload for your friendly moderators. Feel free to ask if you're ever confused about something and where it goes.

Rule #4: You're obligated to make at least one Doctor Who reference. If you don't watch Doctor Who, you should start doing so.

Rule #4.5: The same can be said of Firefly.

Rule #5: Please, and I'm begging you here, remember the IC/OOC barrier. In Character actions are not a representation of Out Of Character feelings and opinions. If you can remember this, the RP experience for everyone involved will be smoother.

Rule #6: While we'd like to avoid the obvious 'offensive' triggers, there may be material in OOC chat that will be deemed offensive for some; it won't always be G-rated.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

wingedthing, Sep 26, 11 4:40 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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